Robotic Layer Palletizing System

Flokontrol is the leader supplier in palletizing for Beverage sector. Flexible, multi cell and high speed palletizing lines are done turnkey job to water, beverage and milk factories by Flokontrol.
Schrinked and high speed bottles coming from lines are realigned on the Layer Desk by the system. Realignment operation is done by high speed robots.
Prepared products as a layer are transfered with Rollerbed Tooling designed by Flokontrol and are arrayed. Gripping is done without touch to carry out the operation.
System includes Automatic Pallet Magazine, Seperator Magazine, Pallet Shuttle Car and Strech Machine.
- 40 prods/min Capacity with Single Robot

- Layer Palletizing

- Products Realignment Option with Robot

- Sorter Conveyor Solution

- Seperator Options

- Pallet Transfer with Shuttle Car

- Streching Options