Robotic Palletizing System

Flokontrol provides multi cell and high capacity palletizing solutions for Food Processing Industry. . Integrated Robots provide limitless prescription. These robots which have a gripping layer or half layer are controlled by Servo.

One cell of Palletizing System with Robot is composed of three parts. Automated Pallet Magazine, Product Transfer and Realignment Conveyors, Robot and Pallet Transfer Conveyors are main parts of the System.
Realigned products are gripped optimum amount by Robot. Grippers controlled by Servo carry products and transfer them completely without any damage.
50 prods/min capacity is available with single robot. ( It depends on sequences)
-Layer or Half-Layer Palletizing

-Product Gripping by Servo

-Automatically Pallet Feeding

-Seperator Feeding

-Low Maintanence Costs