IS Machine Swabbing Robot

Flokontrol has been manufacturing IS Machine Swabbing Robot since 2015. Currently 48 swabbing machines are operating successfully in Bottle Manufacturers across the world. Flokontrol has been working on this sytem and upgrading it gradually in paralel with the developments in Glass Industry . Today Flokontrol is leading the way in Swabbing Robot Sector. Swabbing Robots have a compact, ergonomic and stabile design.
Swabbing Robots can be assembled on valf blocks or button box.
Flokontrol uses new generation SICK Safety Laser Scanners Microscan3. In this way, maximum safety can be provided for extreme conditions.
-Molds Open Swabbing On-the-Fly

-Mold, Neck Ring and Buffer Swabbing

-2% Profit

-Ergonomical and User Friendly

-Swabbing with Brush Tool Design

-Sustainable and Economic

-Longer Mould Life

-Dry and Wet Swabbing Options