Robotic Tea Glass and Water Glass Case Filling System

In paralell with the increased demand for glass, Glass industry has started seeking solutions to enable them to perform high capacities of packaging. This system includes interior parcel preparation, loading glasswares and closing parcel units.
Glass factories have been producing a wide range of Tea Glass and Water Glass products. Flokontrol's technical expertise, coupled with extensive knowledge of Glass industry enables it to provide unique solutions for customer requirements. This system has 4 robots.
Capacity: 220 Glass/min
Inside of System
* Glass Collecting Robot after Furnace
* Glass Transfer Conveyors
*Line seperating, Collecting,Glass Rotating and ordering conveyors
* Inside Magazine of Parcel, Preparing Parcel Inside and Feeding Robot
* Index Conveyor and Glass Loading Robot,
* Parcel Inside Close Mechanism,
* Out Parcel Preparing Unit,
* Seperator,
*Out Side Parcel Loading Robot
* And Finally Top-Bottom Sealer.