Robotic Tin Palletizing System

Flokontrol 's design engineers and technicians develop new design tools and apply for patent. Tins gripped from handle are transferred undamaged to end-users. This design extremely important for producers.
After filling operations, tins are realingned by servo and transferred to robot.
Arrayed by Pallet Matrix Tins are gripped from handles and transport. After this operation tins are sequenced on Pallets.
Layer are seperated with cardboard with the same robot and tool.
Pallets which are fed automatically by Pallet Magazine are discharged from system after loading.
- 1500 tin/h capacity with single robot

- Gripping Tins from Handle and Transport with Patented Tool

- Seperating Cardboard can be placed with this Patented Tool

- Servo realignment

- Automatic Streching or Strapping Machine Options for End ofLines