Flokontrol Industrial Automation Industry and Trade Limited Company

  Flokontrol is a company that started its official activities in 1997 as well as its aim of foundation is to create solutions. Due to this aim, it achieved its first production of "two-axial industrial robot" in 1998. Immediately behind this, it applied its first installation in base of robotic project in Factory "Paşabahçe - Mersin", in the line of boxing tea glasses.


Until 2003, it achieved the production of 5 "2- axial industrial robots" in total.


Beside the robotic applications which are quite new in Turkey during these years, Flokontrol also created various  solutions in special automation applications due to the industrial requirements.


Specially it has seriours solutions on glass and packaging applications. Approaching from a different perspective to the subject, In Italy there are 10 different companies working proffessional just on one similar solution.


Flokontrol passed this hard and dynamic period with stability and it intensified its acquired achievement graphics with the customer's pleasure. It became your solution partner for your factory automations, information and control systems, product assembly, manipulations and handlings with its profession in Turkish Industry. When it's  looked over the variety of the products, the thing can be seen is our mission; more than just a machine, we provide you in total project management, engineering, manufactoring, installation, continuous product flow, plant communication with the usage of the new technologies to improue productivity, guality, efficiency and safety. We proved our selves with our professionalism on "solutions on time for requirements" with electromechanical, robotic, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric control systems.


Flokontrol is an offical system partner of  Fanuc Robotics date from 2003 for Handling, Packaging and Palletising.


To be choosen from such kind of fully experience is an honour for us. Worlwide knows Fanuc's profession and experience in Numerical Controllers, Automation and Robotics. Fanuc started NC controllers in 1956 and in three year founded servo motor production in company. robot manufacturing started in 1974. 50 years knowledge can not be considered to any kind of business surroundings.


Fanuc Robotics factory can produce 1000 robots per month in 2003 and improving the quantity day by day with the investment on dream factories that do not need any light in the production line of robots.


Flokontrol Industrial Automation now ready for "offering solutions for customer's special needs" with dedicated 6 engineers and 5 technicians.


In spite of a just 13 years of short period Flokontrol established a huge amount of considerable customer reference list. In sectrorial look, densly working on mass production lines such as glass, bottling, beverages, food, pharmecuitals, home appliances and textile. Şişecam is the leading advisor and investor on us to develop lines in Turkey and investments in worldwide such as Russia.


In Glass and Food sectorial, Flokontrol delivered and success nearly 100 turnkey Project and nearly 40 robots up to 2010 for Handling, Packaging & Palletising


In this area these Handling & Packaging solutions  includes and begins with case erector to case packing, then product transfer and grouping to special tool design and Flokontrol have a wide range of palletising systems with Robotics  on the expert mode.


Presently we received a purcahse order from 3M-GERMANY  which is also being seriously followed by 3M-USA  to pack and pallet special nylon rolls